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Centre’s draft policy envisages setting up National Cruise Tourism Board

The Union government has floated a draft National Policy on Cruise Tourism to explore India’s coastline for commercial use. The draft formulated envisages setting up a National Cruise Tourism Board to coordinate efforts and integrate India’s destinations with cruise tourism, and attract investment and facilitate the development of cruise terminals, infrastructure, and services.

It added that the government will engage with stakeholders, conduct familiarisation trips, and leverage local culture and celebrities to promote coastal and river destinations.

Additionally, they will develop an online marketplace for cruise bookings and reservations.

“The government recognises the potential of cruise tourism in driving economic growth, job creation, and cultural preservation. By addressing challenges and implementing a comprehensive strategy, India can unlock the full potential of cruise tourism and establish itself as a preferred cruise hub globally. The Ministry of Tourism will play a pivotal role in coordinating these efforts and advocating for reforms to facilitate ease of doing business in the sector,” the Ministry said in a statement.

“Additionally, cruise tourism stimulates demand for hospitality, restaurants, transportation, and shopping, leading to secondary employment opportunities,” the draft policy said.


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