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By Alok Jha, MD & CEO, EaseVenture The COVID-19 crisis has wreaked havoc on the global hospitality industry. After the pandemic era, people would become more cautious due to the effect of COVID. That is why technology should be put in place for the safety of customers and to avoid physical contact as much as […]Continue Reading
Guest Column Hotels & Resorts Opinion Trade News
By Aakanksha Joshi, Partner, Economic Laws Practice; and Megha Agarwal, Principal Associate, Economic Laws Practice The hospitality industry in India is, along with other industries, currently grappling with the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. Just when things were beginning to look up, the sector was faced with the challenge of the second wave. While […]Continue Reading
Guest Column Top Stories
By Avijit Banerjee, CEO & MD, Argon Capital Advisors The valuation stories of E-Commerce companies, which almost always follows an exponential path, has always baffled me. This has made me wonder if there’s an alternative school of thought that may have a contrarian view to this valuation story/theory. If there isn’t any until now, I […]Continue Reading
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