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British High Commissioner warns about visa scams on internet

According to a report by The Mint, British high commissioner to India Alex Ellis issued an alert for a UK visa scam pointing out that fraudulent visas are on the rise on the internet, which are handed to the applicants using his name. He further advised applicants to remain vigilant in case the deal looks ‘too good to be true.’ The update comes only two days after High Commissioner of India to the UK announced to resumption e-Visa facility in India.

In a tweet thread, Ellis notified that I am seeing an increase in visa scams, using my name. He advised applicants to remain alert of three situations as they might turn out to be traps.

If it sounds too good to be true – such as an easy job in the UK, or a way to get a UK visa quickly and easily.

The official also said that fake websites are designed to look like official ones for the UK government or its official visa enquiry services. Official UK government websites always have ‘’ at the end of their website addresses.

Scammers may contact you by Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, or Gmail posing as a UKVI, VFS employee, he adds.

The High Commissioner of India to the UK, Vikram K Doraiswami announced that India is all set to resume the e-Visa facility for UK citizens travelling to India

Doraiswami said that the service will be made available to the citizens forthwith and the dates will be announced shortly. He further added that the resumption of the facility will enable friends from the UK to travel far more easily to India.

“We are rolling out e-visas once again and this service will be made available to you forthwith. (Dates will be announced shortly). That should enable friends from the UK far more easily to India. So welcome back, e-visas are up ahead and all of our other services including visas at your doorstep remain available to you. We look forward to a good winter season in which everyone gets to celebrate their festivals in India which is the land of festivals,” the High Commissioner said.

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