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‘Bankey Bihari Temple corridor will open gates for international tourism’

Lok Sabha MP from Mathura Hema Malini on Sunday said that the Bankey Bihari Temple corridor will open the gates for international tourism, facilitating pilgrims to pay their obeisance to deity without any hustle and bustle.

“The frequent arrival of international tourists will pave the way for employment also,” Hema Malini said in a statement. She rejected the apprehension that it would plunder the heritage of Vrindavan. Neither the ancient culture of Vrindavan would be hampered nor the natural beauty of Vrindavan is going to suffer, the actress-turned-politician said, adding that care would also be taken for retaining both. Malini said that the apprehension of shortcomings will prove to be futile since it is going to be constructed under the direction of the High Court.
The Parliamentarian also said that she understands the concern of traders, priests of temples and residents of Vrindavan.

She added that the interest of every section (of the society) would be taken care of. After the construction of the Bankey Bihari temple corridor, like Varanasi, Vrindavan will also become the first choice for international tourists since the natural beauty of Vrindavan is renowned all over the world, she added. (Source: PTI)

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