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Bahrain approves plan to develop jetties as new tourist attractions


Under ambitious modernisation proposals, Bahrain’s coastal jetties hold promise to transform into captivating tourist spots, incorporating diverse leisure pursuits such as ferry rides, sport fishing, and nautical adventures. Recently, the Northern Municipal Council wholeheartedly supported Councillor Mohammed Al Dossary’s initiative to repurpose jetties — previously utilised exclusively by fishers — into viable investment ventures.

These innovative designs entail installing waterfront establishments comprising ferries, theme parks centered around ocean life, dining options highlighting native cuisine, notably fresh catches sourced locally, and engaging experiences ranging from deep-sea expeditions to novel entertainments like hot air balloon voyages and windsurfing. Key sites identified for initial implementation include Budaiya Jetty, known for its scenic charm and readiness to welcome various attractions.

As articulated by Mr. Al Dossary, conventional uses of jetties ought to evolve, embracing innovation rather than remaining static storage spaces or mooring points for vessels. Ferrying guests aboard classic wood ships might prove especially appealing given their nostalgia factor. Traditional seaside coffee shops and culinary stalls specializing in authentic fare round off the immersive ambiance sought.

Other possible additions span dive centers, sailing lessons, and inventive waterside events tailored to suit patrons young and old alike.
While stressing feasibility concerns, Dr. Sayed Shubbar Al Wedaie, municipal chairperson, encouraged practical suggestions aligned with available means. For instance, although ferries and recreational fishing sound intriguing, adopting contemporary vessel construction techniques instead of confining choices strictly to timber builds ensures optimal functionality.

Previously, former Acting Tourism Minister Abdulla Fakhro revealed intentions to integrate Bahrain’s bustling wharves into a cohesive seafaring transportation system involving taxi shuttleboats. Plans included building a brand-new pier in Budaiya harmonious with this vision, pending subsequent developments designed to introduce alternate modes of conveyance for locals, inhabitants, and sightseers visiting Bahrain’s shores.

Marine Resources Department Supervisor Waleed Al Mahmeed informed media about studies exploring possibilities to commercialise jetties, signaling intentional steps taken towards realising proposed improvements. Thus, Bahrain moves closer to actualizing vibrant harbor fronts capable of drawing multitudes seeking memorable encounters beside azure waves.

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