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AirAsia India allows passengers to carry extra cabin luggage for fixed charges

AirAsia India will now allow passengers to carry 3 kg to 5 kg of additional cabin baggage for a fixed charge. Currently, AirAsia allows flyers to carry only 7 kg of cabin baggage, like many other airlines .

This will be the first time that AirAsia will allow passengers to carry additional cabin baggage on AirAsia India flights. For bringing more luggage on board with them, passengers will have to pay INR 600 for additional 3 kg of cabin baggage and INR 1,000 for extra 5 kg of carry-on luggage.

Under the new service ‘Carry On Xtra’, a passenger would be able to carry a cabin bag of 10 kg weight if he or she pays a fee of INR 600, the airlines said in its press release.

If the passenger wants to carry a cabin bag of 12 kg weight, he or she will have to pay a fee of INR 1,000, it said.

“Carry On Xtra enables guests to carry important documents and other items along with them onboard, and save time and queueing for check-in baggage at the departing destination and at the baggage belt at the arriving destination,” it added. (Source Mint)

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