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Air Canada Vancouver- New Delhi flights till September

Air Canada has said that it is suspending direct flights between the Canadian city of Vancouver in the province of British Columbia and the Indian capital of New Delhi for a period of three months, citing the Ukraine war as a one of the reasons.

While both India and Canada have eased travel restrictions, flights between the two countries have become more difficult because of the Russian attack on Ukraine, reports Anirudh Bhattacharya for Hindustan Times. In a statement, Air Canada said the suspension of flights will begin on June 2 for those flying from Vancouver to Delhi and from June 4 for the return and continue till early September.

The route, it said, had become “operationally constrained” due to the “extended flying times and a refueling stop that is required due to the current flight paths taken to go around Russian and Ukraine airspace”.

Additionally, summer wind and weather conditions in South Asia are expected to compound these constraints, it noted, making the route “unviable during this period”.

Air India, which also flies between the two locations, has not made a similar announcement


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