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Agoda urges partners to leverage the return of inbound travel across Asia

International travel is coming back across Asia according to global digital travel platform Agoda as it urges hoteliers to maximise the opportunities this rebound affords. Agoda’s search data from January 2022 to May 2022 reveals a 102% growth in inbound searches and 90% growth in outbound searches as travellers’ confidence returns.

“As the easing of international travel restrictions has started, we are seeing encouraging growth in India and across Asia. There is a window of opportunity for hoteliers and Agoda Homes partners to get a real head start on their competition and capture these inbound travellers,” said Krishna Rathi, Agoda – Partner Services Country Director, India, Sri Lanka & Maldives.

Agoda offers hoteliers and property owners the flexibility to market their properties to new audiences via a range of product solutions including Agoda’s International Rate Channel, IP based Rate Channel or Agoda Growth Product.

With the ever-changing needs of travellers, these products from Agoda support partners in their marketing strategies and pivoting to prepare for international recovery without cannibalising their domestic travel business. With innovative products and its best-in-class marketing optimisation Agoda can help hotels and accommodation providers to differentiate themselves from the competition and reach audiences that they would be unable to reach as cost-efficiently through other means.

“While domestic travel is the mainstay of many of our partners’ businesses the advantage of reaching international travellers is appealing because they tend to stay longer, plan further ahead and utilise inventory across the week, instead of such a heavy weekend focus as is more characteristic of domestic travellers,” Rathi continued.

Partners are supported by dedicated account management teams who share insights that help to maximise inventories, and the subsequent opportunity to increase their revenues. Since January, the makeup of the origin of travellers has shifted towards Asian markets as border restrictions in the region eased. While the United States (US) and United Arab Emirates (UAE) remained in the top three, Singapore pushed UAE into second place and both Malaysia and Thailand jumped up the visitor ranks. Having access to rate channel products and insights from Agoda via its account management team or the Agoda Partnerhub ( helps businesses have more productive inventory.

“We are excited to see international travel making a return in India and are looking forward to more engagement with our partners to grow beyond the market, offering their customers value and choice using our innovative and agile technological solutions,” said Rathi.

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