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AAI to construct Greenfield Airport in Hollongi, Arunachal Pradesh

The Airports Authority of India (AAI) has undertaken the work of constructing a Greenfield Airport in Hollongi, 15 kms from Itanagar in Arunachal Pradesh considering the importance of air connectivity to the capital city, reports Mint.

With an estimated cost of INR 645 crore, the project includes the development work i.e. construction of airport pavements, air side work, terminal Building and city side works.

The proposed airport is designed for operations of A-320 category of air craft and future extension of Runway by 500m length to cater A-321 type of aircraft.

With an area of 4100 sqm, the terminal building of the airport will be able to handle 200 passengers during peak hours. Equipped with eight check-in counters, the terminal building will have all modern passenger facilities.

Development Work is in full swing and almost 80 per cent of airside works is completed. Progress of Construction of New Interim Terminal building is 30 per cent. The airport is planned for operationalization on 15thAugust 2022.

The terminal will be an energy efficient building provisioned with Rain Water Harvesting system and sustainable landscape. The development work also includes construction of ATC Tower cum Technical Block, Fire station, Medical Centre and other ancillary works.

The building’s envelope is influenced by the surrounding landscapes. Moving away from the strict geometry of straight lines and angles, the roof form is organic and establishes instant connection with the viewer.

The building interior is designed to emanate a sense of calm to the passengers. This is achieved by providing free-flowing spaces, hidden service core and a glass facade that links the eye to the panoramic scenic beauty of the Himalayan Foothills.

PM has laid emphasis on transforming Arunachal Pradesh into a major gateway to SouthEast Asia by developing modern infrastructure across the state. An airport to connect the capital city is a much-needed aspiration of local community which will also accelerate economic activity in the region.


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