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AAI opens 16 dynamic immigration counters at Calicut International Airport

The Airports Authority of India (AAI) opened 16 new dynamic immigration counters at the international departure wing of the Calicut International Airport. The new immigration counters, with dynamic signage and e-gates, will be more passenger and staff-friendly.

Inaugurating the new facility, Airport Director S. Suresh said that the dynamic counters would not only speed up passenger clearance but also provide a seamless travel experience. The new immigration area can house 600 passengers at a time.

Suresh said that updating of immigration counters was one of the key steps initiated by the AAI to spruce up passenger convenience. Although the dynamic immigration facility was already available in the international arrival section, the departure wing too upgraded to the modern facility. .

With dynamic signage, new counters for Indian and foreign passports, and e-visa, crew and foreign diplomats can easily be segregated for ease of the process. There will also be separate counters for wheelchair passengers and senior citizens.

Dynamic immigration counters can not only help streamline passenger queues quickly but also swap counters fast by changing the counter display by the immigration staff themselves.

Each of the 16 dynamic counters will have one e-gate attached to it for the passengers to move into the pre-embarkation security check area. The e-gates will help immigration staff to prevent the passenger from moving further without immigration clearance. The immigration officer will open the e-gate once the passenger clears the immigration check. Any breach of e-gate will raise an alarm. (Source The Hindu)

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