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43 diving spots identified for tourism in Turkey’s Black Sea region

Forty-three diving spots, set to enhance tourism activities in Turkey’s eastern Black Sea region, have been determined through the new project carried out within the scope of studies of Ordu University’s Marine Science Faculty, Demirören News Agency (DHA).

Discussing the details of the project launched under the auspices of the Eastern Black Sea Development Agency (DOKA), professor Mehmet Aydın noted that detailed research was carried out in the marine areas between the town of Ünye in Ordu province and Hopa in eastern Artvin province.

Based on their findings, suitable diving spots were identified and the project helped raise awareness of biodiversity and marine livelihoods in the region.

Professor Aydın explained the study’s data was compiled to create a catalog showcasing the diving routes. In the near future, an online edition of the catalog will be prepared, allowing interested individuals to access it for diving in the eastern Black Sea region.

Commenting on the work carried out, Aydın stated that they have determined 16 diving routes in Ordu, 19 in Giresun, seven in Trabzon and one in Artvin.

Reiterating that the project was carried out under the sponsorship of DOKA, Aydın explained that they have determined 43 diving stations and under them the underwater routes in the region. “By taking photos and videos we have prepared an insight and a beautiful tourism project for the people who want to (visit) and do diving in the region, so they can know what to expect,” he said.

“(Like this) we have added an alternative dimension to tourism,” he further said.

The professor also explained that they have determined the most adequate place for the diving as Ordu region, particularly some districts like Bolaman, Yalıköy, Perşembe and Fatsa.

“Here, if necessary, the seabed can be enriched and different structures can be placed to make it more suitable for diving tourism,” he noted.

Explaining that the region is rich in larger and small rivers as well, Aydın said that at times the likelihood of erosion gets very high because of the heavy rainfall in the region. Stating that in general there are not so many places that can make diving enjoyable in the Black Sea region, the professor opined that Ordu province carries particular potential in this matter.

“If it is to be developed, I think the Ordu region should definitely be preferred in diving tourism in the Black Sea,” he concluded. (Source: DHA)

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