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37% of affluent Indians intend to travel in groups during coming 12 months

According a latest research by New YouGov the pandemic has fuelled the appetite for travel across the globe, and nearly three in five urban Indians state that travel has become more important to them since the pandemic (57%) compared to one in eight who disagree with the statement (12%). Agreement is higher among affluent* in India, with three-quarters of them saying so.

YouGov’s Global travel & tourism whitepaper 2023 covering 18 international markets, gets under the skin of high-end travel, to understand what luxury travel looks like post-pandemic. It focuses on the attitudes and behaviours of affluent consumers, particularly the affluent under 35s – the audience that will shape the luxury travel industry of the future.

Looking specifically among the affluent travellers in India, it has been observed that travelling with a wider group of family or friends continues to be the top travel activity year on year. Almost two in five (37%) have travelled with a wider group in the past 12 months, and the same proportion intend to do so in the forthcoming 12 months. Even though this is the top activity, taking a luxury rail trip sees the largest increase (of +8% points) from the previous year. Another travel activity that affluent Indians are planning on undertaking to a greater extent in the next 12 months is taking a longer holiday than usual or taking a cruise (+5%pts each).

Additionally, YouGov research reveals the priorities of global affluent travellers for their next travel destinations. Safety is the primary travel priority among global affluent travellers (at 37%), followed by a desire to experience diverse cultures (36%) and great local attractions and amenities (33%).

Among the affluent in India, most of the parameters rank higher, but safety is the top priority (at 42%).

For a third, having a once in a lifetime experience (34%), quality services (33%), improving their health and wellness (33%) and experiencing different cultures (33%) are important when choosing their next travel destination.

Compared to global affluent, they are more likely to prioritise a once in a lifetime experience (34% Indian affluent vs. 25% global affluent) and having a personalised experience (20% vs 12%), and less likely to focus on learning something new (32% vs. 28%).

Enjoying luxury accommodations, having the best culinary experiences, visiting remote destinations, and doing things few others can do resonate with affluent consumers and luxury travel;ers who will be looking for brands, experiences and travel companies that understand their individual needs and unique requirements.

The insights in this report are drawn from a recent global YouGov Custom survey to
understand what luxury travel looks like post pandemic, explore luxury travel experiences,

what affluent consumers are seeking and their future travel aspirations. Covering 18
global markets of more than 19,000 respondents, this survey results were further
bolstered by connecting respondent level data to YouGov’s proprietary syndicated data
solution, Global Travel Profiles, allowing us to merge our respondents and their answers to
the 100,000s consumer attributes that we collect on an ongoing basis for audience
segmentation and profiling.
Our survey was fielded the week of 9 th to 23 rd November 2022. Data for India is based on a
national online sample (of 18+) of 1007 respondents. The YouGov panel provides a
naturally accurate and representative view of the population. Data is adjusted with mild
weighting using interlocking demographic characteristics.

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