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Uttar Pradesh targets global tourism spotlight with ‘Brand UP’ initiative

In a bid to position Uttar Pradesh (UP) as a premier global tourist destination, the Yogi Adityanath-led government has unveiled an ambitious plan, promoting ‘Brand UP’ and ‘Destination UP’ at 12 major international trade fairs and travel expos. Under the Chief Minister’s leadership, UP aims to emerge as the ‘Most Favourite Tourist Destination’ nationally and internationally.

The state has rolled out a comprehensive action plan that underscores the pivotal role of participation in international trade shows, travel fairs, and expos. According to the Chief Minister’s office, this includes an extensive promotion strategy involving roadshows, widespread campaigns, and other channels to enhance UP’s visibility on the global tourism stage.

The targeted countries for this initiative are Japan, Israel, China, America, France, Singapore, Britain, Australia, Germany, Russia, and the UAE. The Uttar Pradesh Tourism Department is actively implementing strategies, involving various agencies in international branding, marketing, publicity, and operational aspects. Special emphasis is placed on hosting national and international roadshows to achieve the set goals.

The promotional efforts extend to approximately 50 cities across 28 countries, encompassing events in India as well. The international events in focus include ITB Asia (Singapore), IFTM Top Resa Paris (France), JATA Tokyo (Japan), WTM London (UK), and many more.

Roadshows are planned for major cities in the UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, and exhibitions in Portugal, Norway, Sweden, France, Netherlands, and Finland. ‘Brand UP’ will also be extensively promoted in major American cities and various cities in Argentina, Brazil, China, and Australia.

In the Gulf countries, promotional efforts will target cities such as Dubai (UAE), Muscat (Oman), Doha (Qatar), Kuwait City (Kuwait), Beirut (Lebanon), Moscow (Russia), and Tel Aviv (Israel). South East Asian countries, including Singapore, Bangkok (Thailand), Tokyo (Japan), and others, will also be part of the comprehensive global promotion plan.

Efforts are underway to ensure that branding activities for Uttar Pradesh tourism and ‘Brand UP’ are strategically conducted in areas with high footfall in foreign countries. Proposals from channel partners, media house owners, and media outlets are being awaited to finalize the work at major transportation hubs and cities.

Preparations have commenced for a comprehensive promotional and branding campaign across various media platforms both domestically and internationally. This includes prime and non-prime time slots on TV and radio, print and digital media, with a focus on executing a large-scale publicity and brand development campaign through an agency at specific national locations, aligning with the directives provided by the Department of Tourism.

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