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TAAI Western Region Chapter held a meeting in Mumbai; updates its members on new destinations

TAAI (Travel Agents Association of India)Western region organised a meeting cum networking session on February 23 in Mumbai. A large number of TAAI members attended the event.

Talking to TravelBiz Monitor, Sameer Karnani,Chairman, Western Region, TAAI, said that his top priority is educating the members about new destinations. “Every time in such a meeting we update our members about new destinations. Today, our members gained knowledge on two destinations Saudi Arabia and AlUla,” said karnani.

Talking about his priorities, Karnani said that his aim is to update members about new destinations. Karnani’s second priority is to take grievances and problems of the members to the ministry and get them solved. When asked how many members from the Western region registered with MoT? Karnani replied, “As of now a few members have registered with MoT. The problem is, our members are not clear about the requirements of the government. We are trying to streamline it from the government’s side so that the process becomes easier,” he said.

Karnani is very optimistic about the future of the tourism industry and said that there is a lot of demand for both short and long haul destinations. “Once the scheduled international flights start, we will witness revenge tourism happening. People are eager to travel to both short and long haul destinations,” he pointed out.

Anoop Kanuga, Chairman, Tourism Services Council,TAAI, said, it is time to educate members about new destinations. “Customers are constantly asking about new destinations which is a very good sign,” said Kanuga.

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