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‘Perlis has the potential to become one of Malaysia’s top ecotourism destinations’

The Malaysian state of Perlis is keen to position itself as an important ecotourism destination in the Indian market. In order to educate the travel trade in the Indian market, Tourism Malaysia in association with TravelBiz Monitor has launched the Malaysia Master Specialist e-learning programme, and Perlis is one of the featured states.

1. How are you positioning Perlis in the Indian market?

Perlis is ideal for visitors and tourists who want to experience a quiet lifestyle and a relaxing vacation because it rich in nature. With a rustic atmosphere in the beauty of forests and caves or green rice fields, it can be an attraction for local and foreign tourists. Therefore, Perlis really has the potential to become one of the ecotourism destinations in Malaysia.

Perlis is a popular destination for travellers seeking nature eco-adventure and clean environment landscapes. Perlis has the potential to become one of the country’s top ecotourism destinations in the future. Ecotourism is a rapidly growing sector of the tourism industry, and provides an authentic experience for travellers. Perlis have more ecotourism destinations and products that are available such as Wang Kelian, cave of darkness or Gua Kelam, Keteri hill or Bukit Keteri and Timah Tasoh lake or Tasik Timah Tasoh. Perlis is a hidden gem to be discovered and has a beautiful and unique scenery that can make Indian travelers stunning.

2. Which are some of your key attractions that attract the Indian traveller?

One of the best natural attractions in Perlis is Wang Kelian View Point. It is a popular spot that offers panoramic view from the height of 304 meters above sea levels. It is a perfect place for natural beauty lover to get an experience on the carpet cloud phenomena and the best sunrise sights in Perlis. There, travellers can also find rows of vendors selling food and enjoy a meal while admiring the scenery. Besides that, there are various species of animals, primates and birds among them which is stump tailed macaque monkey or ‘Beruk Kentoi’, which is only found in the states of Perlis and Thailand.

Perlis also has its a unique charm that can’t be found anywhere and known for its beautiful limestone hills and endless miles of paddy fields. There is a 370-meter-long limestone cave known for its ‘cave walk’ in ‘Gua Kelam’, the most unique and adventures caves. It is popular among cavern explorers and commonly known as the ‘cave of darkness’. In addition, the travelers may feel and hear the dripping sounds on the bats as well as the pouring water from the stalactites which makes us comforting. Perlis also have ‘Gua Kelam 2’ not far away from ‘Gua Kelam 1’ which is the longest limestone range in Malaysia and across to Thailand. Once upon a time, this area was famous for its tin mining activities and the travelers can see the remaining of mining activities in the cave while can see the uniqueness and beauty of limestone cave formations.

Perlis is currently in the process of gaining recognition for Malaysia’s National Geopark. There are various locations categorised as cultural heritage sites, geological heritage sites and biological heritage sites in Perlis Geopark. For example, in Bukit Lagi and Bukit Jernih, there are fossils that have been found and have been certified by experts. While in Wang Kelian, it is related to the panorama where the scenery is very beautiful and attractive with paired Hills. Gua Kelam has a particularly high value of geo heritage and culture.


3. Indians preferred travelling to Malaysia for over two decades now, how are you tapping the new-age adventure traveller here?

For the new-age adventure traveller, most suitable activities will be hiking or trekking. Perlis State Park is a perfect place for hiking lover because it rich with collections of flora and fauna, caves, waterfalls, reptiles, mammals and birds. Travelers who love nature will be grateful for Perlis as hidden gem to be discovered. Perlis also introducing trail run in term of to create international sports. The route involves the path of local fruit orchards, the Harumanis farm and the longest continuous limestone hill in Malaysia.

Besides that, Perlis will highlight for extreme sport activity which is motor cross and ATV adventure. Perlis offers various jungle trails for outdoor enthusiasts and all-terrain rider to attract various. In addition, Perlis has Keteri hill for rock climbing lover. This is the most challenging limestone hills to climb and after completed the climb, travellers will get to experience a spectacular view of the greenish paddy fields. Furthermore, Perlis can offer water sport activities such as kayaking along the river, boat race, climbing up slippery poles and fishing competitions. According to the geography of Perlis, these activities are suitable for traveler to participate with local people.

4. Malaysia is home to a large population of Indian diaspora, in that context, what are some of the cultural offerings in the Perlis state you will like to highlight?

Perlis has its own cultural products in term of music, dance and theatre. For theatre, Perlis has unique storytelling experience of ‘Awang Batil’. ‘Awang Batil’ is a traditional form of musical storytelling found in Perlis and ages hundred years old. It is a solo performer who inherited many folk tales that are narrating his stories while playing the instrument and wear a masks. Some of his poems are sarcastic, alluring, teasing, and so on.

In addition, Perlis have a traditions musical dance performance which is ‘Tarian Canggung’ or Canggung dance. The Canggung dance is the identity dance of Perlis and it originates from a dance named Makyung Laut.

5. How are your reaching out to the travel trade in Indian?

The rapid digital transformation in the tourism industry has created new roles and opportunities for travel professionals. With that, Indian can know about Perlis through Tourism Malaysia and social media influencer. Valuable information about Perlis can also be gained from searching in the internet whereby Indian might get an overview about Perlis prior travelling.

Cooperation is needed from Indian travel agent or formed an alliance and work together with Perlis travel agent by creating package that might include destination in Perlis as well as destination in India. This opportunity can provide an avenue for the prosperity of tourism industry for both Perlis and India, especially small state like Perlis in Malaysia.

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