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‘Our goal is to empower partners with state-of-the-art technology to efficiently manage businesses’

B2B travel portal, Tripjack offers flight ticketing, hotel booking, and visa services. The brand is constantly evolving and adding value to the business by giving its distributors and agents the best technology, deals and a user-friendly platform to transact and achieve financial freedom. Asmita Mukherjee spoke with Hussain Patel, Director, Tripjack to understand the disrupting growth that the brand is witnessing.

Describing their offerings, Patel said that they offer a comprehensive B2B travel platform which encompasses all travel products and services such as flights, hotels, holidays, cruises, rail, and visas.

While explaining the crux of his business, Patel explained, “We prioritise the needs of our travel agent partners by providing them with a user-friendly B2B platform that allows for instant bookings and seamless access to a wide range of travel options. The goal is to empower the partners with state-of-the-art technology that enables them to efficiently manage their business with minimal assistance.”

As this service requires a lot of monitoring the brand is providing good support as well. “The platform is available 24/7 and provides easy access to both domestic and international destinations,” he added.

Being a B2B company Tripjack focuses a lot on its partners. Patel informed, “We have recently announced our partnership with Resorts World Cruises. The partnership aims to give a boost to the international cruise category in the B2B space by improving awareness and discovery, providing a seamless booking experience and personalised support. As a leading travel platform, Tripjack will tap its strong B2B presence across India and offer these unique travel experiences,” he added.

As technology plays a big role in today’s travel & tourism segment it is imperative to offer the latest technologies to Indian travel agents to enable them to be the top choice in this competitive market. Explaining his thoughts Patel said, “We are a tech-first company with a strong focus on technology combined with our supply network, and competitive pricing. We are servicing our travel partners with a multi-product platform as a one-stop solution that is reliable, convenient, and efficient for them to manage their business.”

While speaking about their success mantra, Patel said that in a segment where competition is mushrooming day-by-day, offering customised solutions is the key. Demand for solutions encompassing voice search, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is increasing in the travel trade. “Every customer wants things to be personalised be it in the B2C or B2B space. Personalisation creates stickiness. We need to deep dive to make our systems more agile and personalized for our travel partners. We can already see practical implications of voice search, AI and Machine Learning so that needs to be the focus in the B2B space as well,” he added.

Being one of the market leaders in their segment Tripjack is aiming to strengthen its supply chain, and partnerships, however, the brand is also contemplating on focusing in the hospitality/hotel market, said Patel. “Our goal is to enhance our supply network across all categories by leveraging partnerships and contracting to increase content supply. With two cruise liners on board, we will focus on expanding business for them and also explore opportunities to add select liners to our portfolio. In addition, we are committed to driving growth in the hotel sector through increased partnerships and contracting.”

While fulfilling the demands of the market is paramount for it, the brand is also focusing on enhancing agent experience. “To meet the growing demand, we are continuously expanding our team. With regards to flights, we have strong domestic and international outbound content and plan to further enhance it through NDC in 2023, while simplifying post-booking processes such as cancellations, reissues, and ancillaries. We are also dedicated to enhancing the user experience by improving the agent experience, thereby enabling them to offer superior value-added services to their clients,” he concluded.


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