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Goa Tourism undertakes slew of measures to boost tourism

In a bid to revitalize tourism in Goa and enhance visitor experiences, the Government of Goa has unveiled a series of measures, as outlined by Vishesh Naik, Senior Manager at Goa Tourism Development Corporation Ltd. (GTDC). The initiatives include targeted outreach to B2B and B2C markets through various platforms, trade shows, and digital channels.

A notable addition is the introduction of the ‘Beach Vigil App,’ designed to empower tourists to report incidents that may impact tourism activities. Naik highlighted several programs, such as Ekadasha Teertha Yatra, the new Homestay Policy, Caravan Policy, and efforts towards heritage preservation, vibrant festival celebrations, immersion in local culture, and the promotion of thrilling adventure opportunities.

The Ekadasha Teertha Yatra, akin to Maharashtra’s Ashtavinayak Tour, takes tourists through 11 temples in the South and North of Goa, specifically catering to the 45-60 age group. Naik emphasised a concerted effort to showcase Goa beyond its renowned beaches, emphasising pilgrim sites, nature, wildlife, and year-round attractions to provide a diverse experience for tourists.

These initiatives collectively reflect a comprehensive strategy aimed at repositioning Goa as a multifaceted tourist destination, offering not only sun-soaked beaches but also a rich blend of cultural, historical, and adventurous experiences for visitors.

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