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Boosting tourism at Kuno National Park: calls for increased cheetah presence in the wild

In an effort to elevate tourism at Kuno National Park in Madhya Pradesh, officials are advocating for an augmented presence of cheetahs in the wild. The current scenario reveals a meager population of only two cheetahs, Pawan and Veera, roaming freely in the open range, resulting in minimal sightings for tourists. The park, which opened its doors to tourists in October, has encountered a lukewarm response, prompting officials to address the need for a more captivating wildlife experience.

With a mere one to two vehicles venturing into the safari area daily, the urgency to enhance the cheetah population becomes evident. The majority of the adult cheetahs, a total of 11, are confined within enclosures, raising concerns about the prolonged impact on their hunting skills. An anonymous park official stressed the importance of fostering cheetahs’ survival in their natural habitat rather than within enclosures.

The decision to release more cheetahs into the jungle lies with the cheetah steering committee, tasked with balancing conservation efforts and meeting the demands of tourism. The current situation highlights the delicate balance between promoting tourism, preserving wildlife, and ensuring the well-being of the cheetah population at Kuno National Park.

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