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India on Wednesday resumed issuing electronic visas for Canadian nationals after suspending it following a diplomatic row over Ottawa’s accusation of possible Indian government involvement in the murder of a Canadian Sikh separatist leader. The latest move is being seen as a step that could reduce tensions between the two countries. India had started issuing […]Continue Reading
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More than a thousand commercial flights could either be rescheduled or cancelled as the government has instructed airlines to curtail frequency by a fourth throughout the G20 summit next month due to parking constraints at Delhi airport. Simultaneously, airlines have also been asked to reposition some of their aircraft, which are parked at Delhi, to […]Continue Reading
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As the knowledge partner of India’s G20 Presidency, UNWTO delivered the Goa Roadmap for Tourism as a Vehicle for Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at the meeting of the Ministers of Tourism of the world’s leading economies. Halfway between the 2015 launch of the 2030 Agenda and the deadline to accomplish it, UNWTO called […]Continue Reading
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Tourism stakeholders in the Valley are hopeful that the upcoming G20 working group meeting in Srinagar will pave the way for lifting of Jammu and Kashmir-specific travel advisories by the European Union countries and the US, which can give a massive boost to the tourism sector. A significant number of foreign tourists — even from […]Continue Reading
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