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Virgin Galactic to resume flights to space

It appears that Virgin Galactic is preparing to resume its commercial flights to space for tourists after a temporary grounding. The company is planning a four-member test flight this month, with the goal of launching its first commercial flight in late June. The delay in the missions was primarily attributed to supply chain challenges and labor shortages.

Virgin Galactic has undergone significant upgrades to its tourist spacecraft before reopening ticket sales. The tickets are priced at USD 450,000 each, which includes an initial deposit of USD 150,000. The spacecraft, named Unity, will embark on the Unity 25 flight with passengers Jamila Gilbert, Christopher Hue, Luke Mays, and Beth Moses.

It’s worth noting that Richard Branson, the billionaire founder of Virgin Galactic, was among the six employees who participated in the maiden flight. During that flight, the spacecraft reached an altitude of over 80 km above the New Mexico desert. Branson has been enthusiastic about space tourism and believes his company is on the verge of commencing commercial operations.

Virgin Galactic’s spacecraft is designed to resemble an airplane. It is released mid-air and then ascends into space. After reaching the desired altitude, it glides back to Earth and lands similar to the Space Shuttle.

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