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  • This Korea Premium Travel Consultant (KPTC) Program does not have any cost implications for candidates who apply to take this course.
  • Only owners/founders and employees of travel agencies and tour operating companies are eligible to apply for this online .
  • The decision on the selection of Korea Premium Travel Consultants and certificate granting will be at the sole discretion of the Korea Tourism Organization. The decisions are final and binding on all registered candidates.
  • No queries, clarification or explanation should be expected from the organizers on their decision regarding any part of the program processing or any result.
  • Travel professionals who have successfully completed this course and are selected as Korea Premium Travel Consultant after a thorough inspection will be able to receive the Korea Premium Travel Consultant certificate and goodie bag issued by Korea Tourism Organization in India.
  • The validity of the Korea Premium Travel Consultants membership will be valid for a duration of 12 months from the date of the completion of the online program.
  • The obtention of this KPTC consultant status/ certificate does not indicate any labour or working relationship between Korea Tourism Organization in India and the travel professional.

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