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Sri Lanka to start campaigns in India and 4 other countries to boost tourism

In order to boost tourism, Sri Lanka has decided to launch some interesting campaigns in five countries, including India, France, Britain, Germany and Russia. The announcement was made by the Tourism Minister Prasanna Ranatunga wherein he said the government will introduce some special tourism promotion programs to improve the tourism sector in the country which was shattered due to the COVID-19 condition.

The minister also said that he has directed authorities to implement the special promotion as soon as possible and short and long-term promotions will be organised accordingly. He further added that he had also instructed the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau to do the promotions in Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and the Middle East too.

The report mentioned, “The directions to expedite the programme implementation were given by the Tourism Minister to the officers in a bid to boost tourism. The programme will target precisely France, Britain, Germany, India and Russia.”

The report further read, “It was also decided to give wide publicity in these promotions to Sri Lanka as a country that has successfully carried out Covid vaccination.”

In September this year, Sri Lanka recorded the highest tourist arrivals. As per official data 13547 tourists visited the country in the month of September. COVID-19 had hit the tourism industry hard in the country and nearly 4 million people lost livelihoods, directly and indirectly. (Source TOI)

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