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Reunion Island Intensely Tropical

From adventure lovers to backpackers to family and honeymooners, the five-million-year-old Reunion Island is a destination for all. It offers a wide range of sports and leisure activities on land, at sea and in the air through an exceptional diversity of landscapes. Hence emerging as a must-visit destination for Indian travellers.

Distinctly French, Reunion Island, located in the Indian Ocean. Reunion Island boasts of a unique Creole culture and offers the discerning Indian traveler a gamut of enthralling experiences. There are exciting adventure activities for tourists and there is also a peaceful space for honeymooners. Endowed with beaches, lagoons, waterfalls, spectacular volcanoes and weather that is pleasant for most part of the year, Reunion Island offers the perfect balance of activities and experiences that are sure to find favour with the Indian traveller.


                 Courtesy: Serge Gelabert

Reunion Island’s national air carrier Air Austral operates a direct flight to/from Chennai. The island is also at a 30-minute plane journey from Mauritius.

Its visitors are treated to a plethora of choices be it paragliding, helicopter tours, cultural experiences, visits of the fascinating lava caves, deep-sea diving, surfing, canyoning etc. It is important to mention here that 42 per cent of the island is protected by the UNESCO World Heritage classification. Its “Pitons, cirques and ramparts” were inscribed by UNESCO on the prestigious World Heritage list in 2010 for their exceptional natural relief and the wealth of biodiversity. While there is much to see and do on the island, visitors must definitely include the following experiences on their island agenda:

One of the chief attractions of the island is its volcano- the Piton de la Fournaise and its sulphurous slopes, which gives the island its extra edge. The volcano is known to erupt frequently, without posing any threat to the people on the island. Travellers can hike up to the volcano through the lunar, crater-filled landscapes, of the Plaine des Sables, a red-and- ochre desert. The lava from the many volcanic eruptions has paved an impressive landscape between steep cliffs, emerald rainforests and the deep blue of the Indian Ocean. One can also explore the black sand beaches in the southern part of the island—a fascinating contrast from the more popular white sand ones.


                         Courtesy: Frog974

A must-do activity on the island is paragliding which ensures an adrenaline rush. The sport allows beginners as well as the most experienced paragliders a thrilling experience of a free flight on an island known worldwide, for the practice of paragliding. Reunion Island is listed as an exceptional site for free flight with ideal climatic conditions. From the lagoon to the volcano via the green slopes, the spectacular panorama of Reunion Island seen from the sky is bound to leave tourists with unforgettable memories!

For those who prefer soft adventure, a helicopter discovery of the island also promises a memorable experience. The discovery of Reunion Island as seen from the sky is intense, magical and extraordinary! Lasting 15 to 45 minutes, these aerial escapades allow visitors to experience effortlessly all the diversity of the island. Through a helicopter ride one is treated to views of magnificent sites such as the Cirques (cCraters) of Cilaos, Mafate and Salazie, the famous Trou de Fer, the Piton de la Fournaise, the coast, the lagoon and spectacular waterfalls.


                       Courtesy: Antoine Mettra

A subterranean experience awaits the island’s visitors with an exciting discovery of the Blue Lava tunnel. The tunnel which is 22,000 years old, is on private land, and only open to small groups of people. Bluish, orange or red rocks, sparkling grey surfaces and stalactites that look like melted chocolate: at every step the light reveals authentic natural wonders. Reunion Island is also home to the real Bourbon Vanilla located in the forest above the hills of Sainte-Rose. On a discovery tour of the vanilla plantation, ideal for a family holiday, visitors will discover secrets of how this 100% natural vanilla is grown and much more!

It seems nature has given everything to Reunion Island and made it a destination one must visit. Take the example of marine life on the island. It has some of the best spots in the world where sighting a school of dolphins or even a couple of massive whales (June to October) is all but guaranteed. One will enjoy an unforgettable experience off the west coast of Reunion Island- swimming with dolphins and Humpback whales.

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