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‘Recognising Responsible Wildlife Tourism’ to be theme of TOFTigers Tourism Awards 2023

TOFTigers India Wildlife Association is gearing up for the 6th TOFTigers Wildlife Tourism Awards 2023 to be held in September, centred around this year’s theme “Recognising Responsible Wildlife Tourism”.

The awards serve to recognise and reward the top performers in the nature tourism industry, including individuals, businesses, service providers, and community enterprises, who have demonstrated a deep commitment to sustainable practices and responsible tourism in the Indian subcontinent.

By shining a spotlight on these leaders, TOFTigers hopes to inspire others to follow suit and promote conservation through exceptional wildlife tourism enterprises and initiatives throughout India.

The TOFTigers Wildlife Tourism Awards were first introduced in 2010 to promote and celebrate responsible tourism in India. Since then, the awards have gained prominence and significance, with past winners enjoying increased recognition and exposure for their dedication to sustainable tourism practices.

There are 14 categories of awards are:

1. The John Wakefield Memorial Award for Most Inspirational Outstanding Eco Lodge of the Year 2023
2. The John Wakefield Memorial Award for Most Inspirational Quality Eco Lodge of the Year 2023
3. The John Wakefield Memorial Award for Most Inspirational Good Eco Lodge of the Year 2023
4. The Billy Arjan Singh Memorial Award for Best Wildlife Guide of the Year 2023
5. Wildlife Promotion Company of the Year 2023
6. Wildlife Tourism Community Initiative of the Year 2023
7. Wildlife and Tourism Initiative of the Year 2023
8. International Wildlife Tour Operator of the Year 2023
9. Wildlife Photography Award
10. Wildlife Documentary Award
11. Lodge Naturalist of the Year 2023
12. TOFTigers Climate/Environment Supporter Award 2023
13. TOFTigers Ambassador Award 2023
14. TOFTigers Supporter Award 2023


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