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Majority Indians considering international cruise holiday in next 12 months: Research

The importance of close community and family bonds has emerged as vital to maintaining a sense of wellbeing among Indians, according to a recent survey conducted by Hansa Research on behalf of Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL).

The top travel trends that emerged from the August 2022 study include that 8 in 10 urban Indian families who are planning to travel internationally are considering a cruise holiday in the next 12 months; 79% of Indians want to vacation with their families and 89% believe it is very important to spend quality time with family for an overall sense of wellbeing.

Around 78% of respondents said that their vacation goal was to travel to create memories with their loved ones, while 65% said they travel to visit different places and experience something new. Families, particularly those with younger children under 15 years of age, believe that kid-friendly holiday options and dining choices are very important when considering holiday choices.

The study further added that when travelling with family, 69% of Indian travellers said value and inclusive pricing was a very important consideration while 61% feel that easy access to attractions and activities was important.

It’s no surprise that cruise holidays are top of mind for Indian families seeking to reconnect, since cruising offers the ultimate way to travel together. They can easily visit multiple destinations while unpacking just once, and cruising caters to many different types of travellers with varied entertainment, dining and accommodation options. In addition, a cruise holiday promotes a sense of peace, wellbeing and worry-free travel with everything taken care of from the moment guests step aboard.

“It’s really exciting to see such a significant number of Indian travellers have shown a desire to take a cruise vacation so that they can spend quality time with their loved ones”, said Manoj Singh, Country Head India at NCL. “The thrill of exploring multiple destinations in one vacation with ease has led to families fulfilling their travel goals at sea. With NCL’s world class onboard offerings, port-rich itineraries to almost 400 of the world’s most sought-after destinations and inclusive pricing, families of all shapes and sizes will experience the holiday of a lifetime.”

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