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Macau to reduce quarantine period for visitors from Hong Kong, Taiwan & other foreign regions

The Macau government announced that the quarantine period for those entering from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and other foreign regions will be shortened to 10 days of medical observation followed by 7 days of self-health monitoring effective June 15.

Travellers will be required to take five nucleic acid Covid-19 tests within the seven days of monitoring following their ten days of isolation at a medical observation hotel.

Andy Wu Keng-kuong, President, Macau Travel Industry Council, said that the industry welcomes relaxed regulations. They are optimistic that the epidemic will continue to stabilise, attracting tourists from Hong Kong and Taiwan who have accounted for a significant proportion of Macau’s tourism.

Wu hopes that the government will adopt a “7+7” quarantine measure in the summer and increase the number of quarantine hotels if needed.

Wong Lai-mei, Vice President, Macau Hoteliers and Innkeepers Association, predicted that quarantine hotels will see an increase in demand. She said that while it is difficult to predict whether hotel rooms will accept reservations, the industry remains confident.

Ho Iat-seng, Chief Executive Macau, said earlier this month that he hopes to further relax epidemic prevention measures over the summer and strive for a “7+7” quarantine period if the Covid-19 pandemic stabilises locally and in the mainland. (Source: The Standard)

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