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M2M Ferries resumes services

As part of their continued efforts to ensure that M2M Ferries provides the best service to its passengers, the team took a few days break to carry out extensive maintenance of the vessel – M2M-1. The vessel maintenance not only meets the statutory requirements, but is also mandatory for the vessel’s health checks in order to maintain the optimum safety standards.

Being a brand new vessel launched in 2019, the vessel was due for a dry dock in 3 years as per industry guidelines, so M2M-1 went in for its first dry-dock maintenance within 2 years of its operations. The dry-docking procedure involved the ship to be lifted out of the water where expert engineers carried out necessary maintenance work on the vessel’s unique 360 degree propulsion systems, hull, interior and passenger area maintenance as well as applied a fresh coat of the iconic Red paint that makes M2M-1 stand out in the Mumbai Harbor.

While the team at M2M usually does carry out routine maintenance checks on a weekly basis during their downtime, an extensive dry docking maintenance of this kind is carried out every 2-3 years. This maintenance drill has helped protect the underwater surface of the vessel from corrosion. It will also protect the propulsion systems of the vessel and in turn help improve the speed of the vessel to great extent.

“We want to make sure that the passengers who are traveling with us have a good experience when onboard. And that can only happen if the ship is well looked after and maintained properly. So along with meeting statutory requirements related to vessel maintenance and upkeep, we decided to carry out our dry dock maintenance now to ensure our high safety standards at all times.” says Devika Saigal, CEO of M2M Ferries.

M2M Ferries has since resumed its services promptly from 12th November 2022 onwards.

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