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Karnataka’s Kali Tiger Reserve opens first canopy walk in India

The unique eco-tourism attraction of Kali Tiger Reserve in Karnataka – the canopy walk – is now open for nature enthusiasts. The Castle Rock Wildlife Division of the park has resumed trekking near the Dudhsagar waterfalls in Kuveshi area.

The 240 mtr structure has been built between four large trees at the height of 30 feet, and visitors can indulge in the rich flora and fauna unique to the region. This walk was inaugurated four years ago, but was not operational as greens opposed the project due to the eco-sensitivity of the area and villagers demanded road connectivity to resume the tour.

“For a long time, the canopy walk structure was unused. From this season, the division has resumed guided trips. The vehicles will take the visitors up to the forest check point near Kuveshi and then the walk will begin,” said a forest official. He added that water sports at Ganeshgudi have also resumed. (Source: The New Indian Express)




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