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J&K’s vision document envisages promoting cultural tourism

In a significant move to capitalise on the thriving tourism sector in Jammu and Kashmir, the government is set to explore and promote cultural tourism in the region. A recently accessed vision document outlines an ambitious plan for the next 5-10 years, with the primary goal of showcasing the area’s rich culture to visitors.

The vision document details the government’s commitment to offer unique cultural tourism experiences, including traditional village home stays, artisan workshops, and cultural festivals. These initiatives are designed to immerse tourists in the vibrant and diverse cultural heritage of Jammu and Kashmir.

In line with the broader goal of diversifying tourism in the region, the government is set to introduce new types of tourism experiences. These encompass adventure tourism, eco-tourism, and cultural tourism, with the aim of attracting a wider spectrum of visitors to the Union Territory.

Cultural tourism has been on the rise in India, attracting high-end tourists who have a keen interest in exploring the cultural richness of various states. Rajasthan stands out as a prime example of a destination that has successfully drawn visitors from across the world through its cultural offerings.

The government has also taken a significant step toward the preservation of architectural heritage sites. This year, it launched the “restoration of Architectural Heritage” scheme, with the first phase focusing on the restoration of 16 architectural buildings, including shrines, temples, churches, and Gurudwaras in Kashmir.

To promote cultural tourism, the vision document highlights the implementation of sustained online campaigns and offline events. These initiatives are intended to create awareness about lesser-known destinations within Jammu and Kashmir, bringing these hidden gems onto the tourism map.

A key strategy outlined in the document is the identification of specific tourism themes to enhance tourist flows to various destinations in Jammu and Kashmir. This approach involves creating circuit maps that include these themed destinations as part of a broader itinerary. The ultimate aim is to decentralize the focus from heavily visited traditional destinations, thus spreading tourism more evenly across the region.

The government’s comprehensive plan to promote cultural tourism is poised to not only boost the region’s economy but also provide tourists with an enriching and diverse cultural experience, ultimately showcasing the hidden treasures of Jammu and Kashmir to the world.

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