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IndiGo clarifies web check-in ‘recommended’ but not mandatory

Amid a spike in reported complaints of airlines forcing passengers to opt for a paid seat, IndiGo has clarified that web check-in is not a mandatory requirement, but is recommended to the customers for a “hassle-free experience”.
“Web check-in is not a mandatory requirement, however, for a hassle-free flight experience, we recommend our customers to web check-in in advance. Web check-in allows customers to have a smooth experience at the airport,” India’s low-cost airline said in a social media post.


IndiGo clarified that web check-in is a complimentary service and does not incur any charges, adding that the charges mentioned in the communication are specific to the preferred seat selection. Passengers can choose from any available free seats during the online booking process, or they have the option to let the system auto-assign a seat, which is also free of charge, it said.


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