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ETAA North India committee successfully organised orientation trip at Palampur and Dharamshala

The ETAA (Enterprising Travel Agents Association) North India committee organized yet another successful 2 night and 3 days orientation trip at Palampur and Dharamshala with Hotel Partner “JüSTa Hotels and Resorts from the 22nd to 24th September 2021.

The event was packed to capacity, and was attended by 26 members who enjoyed the beautiful road trip to the beautiful locales of Palampur and Dharamshala.

Surrounded by the dense cedar forests all over and located at an altitude of 1,457metres, Dharamshala is an immensely beautiful hill station. The Dalai Lama lives in the McLeod Ganj town of Dharamshala, which in-itself makes it very special. With numerous temples and monasteries lining the city and beautiful mountains and lakes nearby, the members got an insight into the lives and cultures of the locals and educated themselves about the terrains to sell better.

Palampur is a small hill station, situated about 37.8 km away from Dharamshala. It is famous for its beautiful tea gardens.

The trip started with 26 members and the Head of sales – Domestic Travel Trade jüSTa Hotels and Resorts, Raman Tuli for an overnight journey to Palampur on the 21st September night with an arrival the next morning. Members arrived with enthusiasm and joy, a quick check in and post lunch the orientation of the tea gardens and village walks gave a first hand experience of the beauty that lies beneath !

In the evening a presentation of the unit jüSTa Palampur Resort and Convention Center was given by Rahul Chambial. Also read tech blog write for us. The General Manager of the Hotel gave a fantastic introduction of the Hotel. This was followed by the Sales Team of the hotel taking over and talking about the various new offerings of the unit. A short Q& A session thereafter, and an exhaustive show around for the members learning about the fine nuances of the unit. The networking session ended with high voltage entertainment with a live band “Naushikhiye” who played to the mood of the ever enthralled audience, followed by a networking dinner.

Next morning , a short trek to the river and back, built up their appetite. Post breakfast, the group left for Dharamshala in the coach to arrive at the beautiful jüSTa Birding Resort to witness the spectacular view of the golden sun shining bright on the majestic Dhauladhars basking in their own glory. A quick show around later in the day followed by a drive to the highest village in the area Bangotu that offers breath-taking 360 degree views of the lower Dharamshala valley and the towering Dhauladhar ranges. Also read business write for us guest post. A quick networking high tea session was organized there.

The Evening session at the jüSTa Birding had the opening notes by Ashish Vohra, CEO and Owner of jüSTa Hotels and Resorts, who specially flew to the Unit to address the ETAA members. He spoke about the vision and growth plans of their brand in the ever growing Indian tourism market.

The Chairperson, Sangeeta Manocha along with north India Committee members Punit Bhasin & Praveen Ghai – Joint secretaries and Dr. Dinesh Kumar – Treasurer, sent out a note thanking jüSTa Team for their very warm hospitality and their continuous support. Aslo read tech write for us. The General Secretary – Saurabh Tuteja & Gaurav Arora – Event head could not attend the event, but sent out a video thanking the jüSTa Team.

Post the session, members enjoyed the various activities organized by the hotel and the ETAA committee, followed by a very nice evening with the guitarist playing nostalgic music and creating an ambience that filled the souls with a realm of exuberance.

The ETAA north India committee has been working very hard to come up with networking events and orientation trips for their members and will be doing so in the future as well.

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