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EaseMyTrip records highest ever GBR of INR 2,371 during Q1, FY24

EaseMyTrip.com has recorded its highest-ever quarterly GBR (Gross Booking Revenue) of INR 2,371 crores with a growth of 42.6% YoY in Q1, FY24.

Adjusted revenue also reported a growth of 46.9% YoY , reaching to INR 193.2 crores in Q1FY24, as against INR 131.5 cores in Q1FY23. The company recorded a Profit after Tax (PAT) of INR 25.9 crores for Q1FY24.

EaseMyTrip sold 32.1 lakh air tickets (net of cancellations) in Q1FY24, a growth of 43.3% YoY, from 22.4 lakh bookings in Q1FY23. The total hotel nights sold in Q1FY24 were 1.6 lakhs, as compared to 0.7 lakh in Q1FY23, marking a increase of 123.2%. The Others segment, which include Trains, Buses, and Others, saw an encouraging uptick of 39.6% YoY, recording 2.2 lakh bookings in Q1FY24 from 1.6 lakh bookings in Q1FY23.

EaseMyTrip’s Dubai operation clocked INR 53.0 crores in Q1FY24, growing at 648.8% YoY from INR 7.1 crores and 22.3% QoQ from INR 43.3 crores. The cumulative GBR from the Dubai business now stands at INR 171.4 crores.


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