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Chhattisgarh Tourism, TOFTigers organise workshop on Sustainable Tourism

Chhattisgarh Tourism, in collaboration with TOFTigers, recently organised a workshop on Sustainable Tourism, Best Practices in the Hospitality Industry, and Evaluation. It was a full day workshop where all the stakeholders- accommodation providers, travel agents & NGOs were invited.

The workshop was inaugurated by Vice Chairman, Chhattisgarh Tourism Board- Chitrarekha Sahu and MD, Anil Kumar Sahu. Also, Chairman Chhattisgarh Tourism Board, Atal Srivastava graced the occasion, who said “It was a good platform to get all stakeholders together, to think of ways in which sustainable Tourism can grow in the state and create livelihood opportunities for the locals.” The workshop was organised at the prestigious New Circuit House in Raipur. Its aim was to address the importance of sustainable tourism practices in preserving our natural and cultural heritage. Participants engaged in insightful discussions and gained valuable knowledge on implementing sustainable initiatives within their respective organizations.

The speakers for the workshop were Ritu Makhija, TOFTigers Director Sustainability, and along with Chindu Chandran, TOFTigers Green Team Member and a Research Scholar. They shared their expertise and experiences, providing practical insights and case studies of successful sustainable tourism projects. Their presentations emphasised the integration of sustainable practices within the hospitality industry and highlighted the instrumental role of certification in driving responsible tourism.

Anil Kumar Sahu, MD of Chhattisgarh Tourism, expressed immense delight at the workshop’s resounding success, saying, “We are thrilled with the success of this workshop and the level of engagement demonstrated by the participants. By bringing together industry professionals and promoting sustainable practices, we are fostering a responsible tourism culture that will benefit Chhattisgarh’s tourism industry in the long run.”

The event’s comprehensive programme featured interactive sessions, panel discussions, and ample networking opportunities. It provided an ideal platform for participants to connect with like-minded professionals, exchange ideas, and forge valuable partnerships in their pursuit of sustainable tourism practices.’ Vijay Sharma, known for his cooking skills and star Plus TV cookery show MasterChef, also participated in workshop. He presented the importance of millet’s and health food. He also treated the participants of a special dessert made of millets called Kodo Kheer.

Dr. Shubdha Chaturvedi, Head – Communications and, Marketing & Promotions, stated that “Chhattisgarh Tourism remains steadfast commitment to promoting responsible and sustainable tourism, ensuring the preservation of the state’s rich cultural heritage and pristine natural landscapes. In tandem, TOFTigers continues to play a pivotal role in advocating and supporting responsible tourism practices, contributing to wildlife conservation and forest preservation across the Indian subcontinent.”


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