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Boeing’s manufacturing issue with 737 Max may impact fleet expansion of Air India, Akasa Air

Boeing has detected several issues with the manufacturing of 737 Max planes which could affect the deliveries required for the fleet expansion of Indian airlines like Air India and Akasa Air, reports Mint. The development came after Boeing discovered that a supplier used a “non-standard manufacturing process” during the installation of the rear fuselage.

Boeing has assured that the 737 Max planes are still fit for flying but the discovery of manufacturing issues can delay the deliveries.
Spirit AeroSystems, a major supplier of Boeing, responsible for producing the fuselage of the Boeing 737 MAX, has recently informed Boeing about a “non-standard manufacturing process” used for fitting two parts on the vertical tail of the aircraft.

“This is not an immediate safety of flight issue, and the in-service fleet can continue operating safely. However, the issue will likely affect a significant number of undelivered 737 MAX airplanes, both in production and in storage. We have notified the FAA of the issue and are working to conduct inspections and replace the non-conforming fittings where necessary,” Boeing said in a statement.

In February, Air India announced that it will purchase 190 737 Max including 737-8s and 737-10s, with options for 50 more jets. The airline plan to boost its domestic and international network with the help of the induction of new aircraft.

Akasa Air also has a pending order of around 72 737 Max aircraft with the company. The new airline was planning to purchase more aircraft as part of its fleet expansion plans, but the discovery by Boeing has made the situation uncertain for the airline. (Source: Mint)

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