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Agoda to organise its third consecutive CODEGODA Competition in August

The thirds global programming competition of Agoda, is scheduled to take place in August. Registrations for the same have officially opened (for Codegoda). Following the success of the first two instalments, the digital travel platform is running another call for software developers and engineers around the world – this time, to solve the travel industry’s biggest challenges with code.

“Technology is at the heart of everything we do at Agoda, and we constantly seek to push the envelope on innovation. Growing our talent pool of engineers has been crucial to this. We believe that skills speak for themselves, regardless of age, background and experiences. That’s why we created Codegoda as a way to host an open, global call, for anyone who would like to try their hand at building new technologies.”, said Idan Zalzberg, CTO, Agoda.

This year, the team champions for greater inclusivity. “Agoda is an equal opportunity employer, and we want to use this platform to give opportunities to individuals who might not typically have the resources or capabilities to rise up the ranks the normal way. We hope to see more women builders, more diverse nationalities, individuals from various age groups or stages of their career, persons across different income groups, to try their hand at coding. Everyone is welcome. And everyone can be a tech builder,” adds Zalzberg.

To support and encourage more women in tech, the top woman coder will also receive an additional cash prize of USD500. Participants stand to win over USD10,000 worth of prizes across the competition. The competition enables participants to demonstrate their programming skills on a global stage adding credibility to those looking to further their careers in the field. Additionally, if a participant’s skills are a match, they may land a job in Agoda’s tech team. To-date, close to 20 people have been hired and have grown their careers at the company.

With a time-limit of three hours, entrants will need to solve algorithmic challenges based off real world challenges presented at Agoda, using programming languages of their choice, including C++, Python, Java, Swift, Javascript, and more. The competition will be held on 6 August 2022 starting at 1.30pm (Indochina Time) ICT. The timer will begin the moment a participant starts on a challenge. The competition window ends at 7:30 PM ICT on the same day. Winners will be announced on 13 August 2022 via the Codegoda YouTube channel, Life at Agoda.

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