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AbhiBus witnesses significant surge in bus booking queries for monsoon

Online bus ticket booking platform AbhiBus has observed a significant surge in bus bookings queries for monsoon travel compared to the previous year. As the desire to travel continues to grow, travellers are exploring alternative modes of transportation due to various factors impacting air and train travel.

The aviation industry, as reported by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), has been operating at approximately 90% capacity as of May ’23. However, airfares have skyrocketed, making it less accessible for many travellers. Similarly, train travel has faced regular waitlist issues, with a staggering 2.7 crore passengers being denied train travel due to waitlists in the FY2023.

In light of these challenges, the bus travel sector is experiencing unprecedented growth and emerging as a preferred choice for travellers. AbhiBus has analysed travel patterns this monsoon compared to the previous year, revealing several noteworthy trends. Key destinations such as Udaipur (2x growth), Jaisalmer (2.5x growth), Lonavala (1.8x growth), Wayanad (3x growth), Shillong (2x growth), Kodaikanal (3.5x growth), and Pondicherry (1.3x growth) have witnessed substantial growth in bookings.

Rohit Sharma, COO, AbhiBus, said, “The surge in air travel costs this year and limited train availability have led to a notable increase in bus booking inquiries for monsoon travel on AbhiBus. More and more travelers are now embracing buses as a convenient and accessible mode of transportation during this time. Monsoon is generally a lean season for travel, but people are embracing it this year, encouraged by the attractive off-season pricing that this season offers cost-conscious travelers.”

Additionally, AbhiBus has observed an interesting rise in the number of solo travellers intending to explore various destinations. Solo travel has become increasingly popular among individuals seeking unique experiences in offbeat and renowned tourist destinations.

Comparing the data from the previous month, AbhiBus has noticed a surge in the intention to travel along scenic highways. For instance, the intention to travel from Salem to Kanyakumari in the past 15 days has witnessed a significant increase of 2.5 times. Similarly, bus booking queries from Bangalore to Gokarna have risen by 1.3 times, while travel intentions from Bangalore to Munnar have increased by 1.2 times. Other notable increases include Mumbai to Lonavala (3x), Bangalore to Goa (3.5x), Hyderabad to Araku (1.2x).

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