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Sunday, 14 April, 2019, 10 : 00 AM [IST]
Hilton Bangalore Embassy Golflinks celebrates 5 Years with launch of The Grand Tour
By TBM Staff | Mumbai

Hilton Bangalore Embassy has launched a novel initiative to take dining to a new level at its 5 year celebration. Introducing 'The Grand Tour' to the discerning gourmands of Bangalore the property invites guests to take a sneak peek into how food is prepared in commercial kitchens and beyond, weaving a thread between all the unique ways the functioning of a hotel contributes to the plated masterpiece presented in front of guests.

The Grand Tour which is designed to create a synergy between the front of the hotel and behind the scenes takes guests to a rarely accessed look at how the various facets of the property function together. It’s an intimate sojourn through hallways and secret passages which will throw light on what it takes to create a five-star experience. Punctuated with a sip here and a bite there and anecdotes galore, the entire affair will leave patrons enlightened and delighted

“The idea is to gain a fresh new perspective on hospitality as a whole,'' said Manish Garg, General Manager, Hilton Bangalore Embassy “We have all heard of mindful eating, but we wanted to push the boundaries and create a sphere of dining which is distinct - Cerebral dining is what we are aiming for. After 5 years of serving Bangalore we now have a good understanding of what guests want and how to deliver. The entire Tour is planned and executed to the minutest details with canapes and drinks along the way designed to keep the conversation flowing.”

The Grand Tour which is open to groups of 8 to 12, priced at INR 7000 plus taxes per head, provides guests with a walk through not just the hotel restaurant areas that are easily accessible to every guest, but also to the back of the house – the critical areas that shape an evening or a stay

2019 is a special year for Hilton Embassy GolfLinks, while the centrally located hotel turns 5, it also marks 100 years of the brand Hilton. “What better way to celebrate than to throw open our doors and give guests a sneak peek into an event that is honed from a century of experience,”signs off Manish.