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Thursday, 11 April, 2019, 09 : 00 AM [IST]
Expo 2020 Dubai to hold events in Indian cities to engage business & industry associations
TBM Staff | New Delhi

In order to engage the Indian corporate entities and industry associations and make them understand about the value of Expo 2020 Dubai, the organisers of the biggest exposition in the world will organise events and road shows in key cities in India in the run up to the show. Here in Delhi to participate in a travel event, Shaun Vorster, Vice President – Business Programming, Expo2020 Dubai, said that they will hold events, including road shows in Tier-I and II cities in India to “meet right people” of big business corporations, leadership of trade and industry associations and big buyers to build awareness about the Expo and the “value waiting to be unlocked” by visiting, holding their business meetings, organising product launches, conferences, etc. at the Expo.

“By engaging them closely we will be able to create something bespoke for them, because demands may differ,” Vorster said.“Expo 2020 is a global stage with over 190 countries participating. 75% of the visitors to the Expo will be international,” he added. From a business visitor stand point, Vorster said that the Expo will be a celebration of innovation and therefore would be an ideal “platform to make connections and new networks,” for business people.

With 45,000 square meter exhibition centre and convention space, Vorster said that Expo 2020 would be ideal platform for associations to take their delegations for meetings, conferences, gala dinners, award ceremonies, etc. The delegates can get all the exposure about everything that is around, network and make connections for future business, he said. The Expo 2020 content will be designed to appeal to a wide spectrum of visitors ranging from a 5-year old to scientists and scholars and business people, he said. “There will be a lot of value to be unlocked for business visitors at the Expo,” he stated.

Earlier, explaining the preparations for Expo 2020, Sumathi Ramanathan, Director – Destination Marketing, Expo2020, said that being the first Expo happening in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia region, the six-month-long fair will “bring out the flavour” of the region in its entirety. “We expect more visitations from these regional markets,” she said. While the theme of each Expo, which happens once in five years, is different, she said that the over-arching principle of world expo is to bring together human collaboration. While the theme of the Dubai Expo is ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’, the whole event will be divided into three sub-themes of ‘Opportunity’, ‘Mobility’ and ‘Sustainability’.

Moreover, being the first Expo ever to happen during winter - October 20, 2020 to April 10, 2021 - there will be opportunities for celebrating many special days, she said.  These include the Diwali, X-Mas, New Year, Chinese New Year, etc. Apart from leisure and business visitors, Expo 2020 organisers will also be promoting the venue as an ideal destination for weddings, etc. “It will be a great venue for events, entertainment, etc. It’s a rare opportunity for people to get married under the largest projection dome in the world,” she said. Concerts, talk shows, seminars, live demonstrations, etc. will add flavour to the Expo, she said.

“The messaging to the visitors around the world is that, you can go to anywhere in the world for a holiday, but when you are visiting Dubai Expo, you are creating memories for your children because they are going to be seeing so many things that they haven’t seen before. Whether it is robotics, AV, VR technology, these are the things that are coming up fast in future and going to touch their lives,” she said.

Dubai Expo organisers expect to welcome 25 million visitors and India is expected to lead the pack among the overseas visitors to the event.