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Wednesday, 11 July, 2018, 10 : 30 AM [IST]
Singapore Tourism Board unveils mythical icon Merli to target families with young children
By TBM Staff | New Delhi

The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) has unveiled Merli, an illustration of the Republic’s mythical national icon. Merli, short for Merlion, is a character that STB hopes will appeal to families with young children, one of STB’s key target consumer segments. Moving forward, STB will be featuring Merli in its global marketing efforts where appropriate.

“We came up with this endearing character, based on our beloved Merlion, to build a stronger emotional connection with families and to entrench Singapore’s brand awareness among them,” said Lim Shoo Ling, Director - Brand, STB. 

“Armed with a can-do attitude and a great enthusiasm for discovering more about Singapore, Merli embodies the Passion Made Possible brand,” Ling added. 

Merli will appear on social media platforms around the world in the form of GIF comments and GIF stickers. More details of these will be shared on the VisitSingapore social media pages at a later stage.