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Saturday, 13 April, 2019, 17 : 00 PM [IST]
‘Meet India’s Passionistas’ report reveals India’s passion based friendships across the Nation
By TBM Staff | Mumbai

76.2% Mumbaikars and 82.4% Delhiites spends a portion of their monthly earnings on to pursue their passion. More than two-third of the respondents in each city (Delhi - 63.4% and Mumbai – 73.4%) state that they have passions, secret interests or hobbies that their family, friends or work colleagues may not be aware of.

More than a third of Mumbaikars (34.9%) and more than a quarter of Delhiites (25.2%) claim they would be ready to take a salary cut to pursue their passion. One-in-six Mumbaikars (15.8%) and one-in-eight Delhiites (12.4%) state their ‘friends’, ‘likes’, and followers’ on social media are based on mutual hobbies or interests. 

GB Srithar, Regional Director (South Asia, Middle East and Africa), STB explained that the concept of ‘Passionista’ is aligned with the Board’s brand “Passion Made Possible” and gives a peek into how Indians see themselves, who they connect with, and how they channel their passions into something meaningful.  He said, “India continues to be the third largest visitor arrival source market for Singapore. In 2018, we welcomed more than 1.4 million visitors from India, a 13% increase over 2017. Increasingly, people travel to satiate their passions. Travellers seek unique experiences that help them connect with their passion. Further, they are willing to spend their time and money in pursuits of activities on their vacation that they associate with things they are passionate about. The Meet India’s Passionistas report confirms that Indian travellers’ passions play a critical role in determining how they relate to society, where they travel and how they spend their energies.”