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Monday, 24 August, 2020, 16 : 53 PM [IST]
Start-Up Forum: Where Innovation is the Only Constant

The past decade witnessed the advent of a plethora of technology start-ups in the arena of travel, tourism and hospitality. This development not only paved the way for innovations, but also created space for competition as every player strived to offer a superior product/service to customers to stay ahead of their counterparts.

Anticipating this impact of technology, 13 years ago, TravelBiz Monitor introduced an industry-first live news portal, with hourly online reporting on travel, tourism, aviation and hospitality industries. Since then, we have created a niche for ourselves by providing analytical stories and statistical information to the travel trade on a regular basis. To keep this momentum going, the Editorial team has decided to showcase new-age technology products and services every month that have the potential to disrupt the market further. Moreover, the time now is also appropriate as the on-going pandemic has further widened the scope of using technology. 

For this unique initiative, TravelBiz Monitor has partnered with ‘Start-up Mentor Board’, a visionary platform with credentials in business, technology, e-commerce, digital market place, payment solutions and IT infrastructure, to highlight the stories of new-age technology ideas. Start-up Mentor Board has been set-up as an initiative to mentor and guide the travel technology driven start–ups and facilitate collaboration in the larger travel ecosystem. 

The Board is spearheaded by well-known thought leader Ashish Kumar, who is also the Co-Chairman of FICCI Travel Technology Committee. It comprises Bharti Maan, who has led start-ups to scale rapidly; Patrick Richards, an experienced travel industry leader in the UK; Chetan Kapoor, an analyst with deep understanding of the travel and tourism business and trends; Kartik Sharma, an artificial intelligence practitioner; Karthik Venkataraman, a digital transformation & an e-commerce visionary; Jure Bratkic, who led innovative solutions in the USA and Kyasha Bhoola, with expertise and advanced insight into the travel industry across Africa.

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Startup Name: flyzy
Founders: Deepak Meena, Hansraj Patel & Arjit Singh
Founding Year: 2019
Description: Flyzy is conceptualised by students of IIT-G (Indian Institute of Technology - Guwahati), with the objective to drive innovation in the aviation industry by leveraging the power of technology. One of its flagship products is the flyzy App that connects passengers with airlines, airports and merchants, facilitating a fast, simple and personalised contactless airport experience. 

Some of the key features in the first phase are In-App Check-In, Contactless Airport Shopping, Real-time flight status and In-App Mobile Boarding Pass. Contactless Airport Parking, Smart Assistant, Auto Check-In are in the pipeline. The app is expected to be live by mid-September 2020, while the beta version of the website is live. 
The USP of flyzy is that the service is integrated with different air ticking platforms and OTAs via SDK (Software Development Kit) and APIs so that passengers can experience flyzy with existing apps in their phones. It also helps the air ticking platforms to give their customers an unmatched experience. 

According to Deepak Meena, Founder & CEO, flyzy increases user engagement, and opens new business opportunities for OTAs, as the OTA app now becomes a complete travel app. From real-time flight status to mobile boarding pass to airport shopping flyzy integrates all these features via SDKs in the OTA. It can be rightly termed as a complete seamless Day of Travel Solution, at low cost.” 

With regards to the B2B TMCs, Meena said they plan to partner with B2B TMCs and provide their customers with a complete travel solution. “We will partner with B2B online/offline TMCs, either by integrating flyzy’s SDK in their own platform or in case the TMC doesn't have any platform, we provide our own platform to them.”