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Thursday, 25 April, 2019, 15 : 04 PM [IST]
‘The pressure created on airlines & travel companies is unforeseen’

Q Advancement in passenger transport has led to influx of newer destinations and routes. What kind of impact and pressure does this put on service providers for ticket bookings and rescheduling?
The fact stated above is true; the impact is massive on travel service providers. The advancement in the industry has influenced travel companies in many different ways. The rapid increase in air traffic somewhere created stress among airlines and travel companies. In order to take control of such situations, many travel entities are already making continuous efforts by reforming their policies. For instance, consider the UDAN (Ude Desh Ka Aam Nagrik) scheme launched by the government of India in the year 2017 which encourages travellers to take flights at decent rates. However, the pressure created on airlines and travel companies is unforeseen yet.

Apart from various ticket bookings globally, it has been observed that 4-5% ticket cancellations take place on a daily basis. Moreover, some passengers tend to reschedule their flights for the same journey plans. Hereby, we can easily speculate the degree of pressure created among the service providers. Many travel management companies and airlines face chaotic situations to deal with numerous ticket bookings to reschedule that are required due to plan changes. Many of them are unable to meet customers’ expectations due to several constraints in their service norms. Perhaps, the rising air traffic understates the healthy economic factors, but also reflects the pressure among service providers. We have already noticed the disorders created in travel companies in recent years whereas we can expect more air traffic in the upcoming years. That might maintain similar situations until and unless some concrete steps are taken in this direction.

Q How does the TWAI’s AccessOneAPI help in this regard?
AccessOne platform is quite useful for travel service providers to cope with the pressure created due to rapidly increasing ticket bookings and rescheduling. It rejuvenates the business models by offering great performance factors. Some of its features like optional catching and tokenisation reduce load i.e. it reduces pressure created due to thousands of bookings occurring at a time and provide fast access to content without any issues.

Multiple ticket bookings, cancellations and reschedules create immense load in between the process resulting in errors and failure which creates a great impact on travel portals’ performance by slowing down the whole process. Our AccessOne platform helps OTAs, TMC (s), or other travel service providers in tackling these situations that arise due to heavy air traffic these days. It easily handles a large volume of transactions taking place at a time. Direct distribution with the help of our platform helps in managing various booking demands globally. The AccessOne helps these service providers in adding real-time pricing along with other efficient booking functionalities that avoid the need for multiple supplier integrations. In this way, they may manage the multiple ticket bookings and related issues easily. It also influences their sales besides giving good competition to their counterparts. The automated booking system skips the need for manual processing by travel agents resulting in fast and accurate bookings.

AccessOne supports direct distribution between suppliers and travel distributors apart from GDS-centered distribution. Apparently, several features easily offered here, lighten up the load and help service providers manage multiple bookings at ease. The advanced technology maintains accuracy and avoids any chances of a fraud. It helps in effective management of ongoing travel scenario by strengthening the whole process. OTAs can customise the booking engines that make them capable of efficiently managing the rising swift in the travel industry.

Q Besides rescheduling, refund claim for non-utilised sectors is another area that requires assistance. How does TWAI assists travel partners as well as service providers process the same? Is the back end support similar for OTAs and offline agencies?
As, we have already discussed that besides multiple ticket bookings, numerous ticket cancellations also take place on a regular basis. This comes at the cost of losing huge money on the name of non-refundable tickets declared by airlines. Many corporate entities are ignorant of the fact that the taxes paid by them for the unused air tickets are refundable if notified to airlines before their expiry. Our ticket audit platform serves these companies in getting back the airline compensations in a very less time span. The service is beneficial to corporate entities, OTA(s), TMC(s), offline agencies, etc. We will help them identify and process the refund with our proprietary software. That would further figure out if ticket status is open to refund and shows the calculated values for the unused tickets. We provide the desired report within a very short time span. The process is quite simple and presents accurate data by providing the desired report to the travel entities or corporates.

Yes, the backend support is similar for OTAs and offline agencies.

Q What kind of trends or behaviour patterns from customers have you observed through agent partners in India, brick and mortar as well as OTAs in terms of rescheduling and refund of tickets?
Seemingly, rescheduling a flight has become a very common trend among customers. So they expect much better services from travel companies nowadays. Any unforeseen changes in their journey plans contrive them to seek right travel portals in advance. There are a number of OTAs and offline travel service providers who have observed demand for a high degree of flexibility in airline services by the customers at decent charges. We all know that thousands of ticket cancellations occur on a daily basis. Thereby, an urge to reschedule the travel plan is common and customers definitely ask for refunds. There are various policies implemented by OTAs, tour operators or other TMCs.
With the modernised approach preferred everywhere, people do expect standard services from travel industry too. Considering the same, they reflect unusual behaviour pattern nowadays. The demand for the right service and solutions that coordinate with customers’ expectations is on the peak.

If the flights are rescheduled by airlines due to bad weather conditions or any other factor, customers are entitled to various facilities in the move to diminish the trouble caused. Today, passengers sometimes know they may eventually get the refunds in accordance with the policies defined by airlines. Akin to the fact, the transformation seen in travel industry depicts the right solutions backed with cutting-edge technology. The travel companies would need to implement advanced techniques to gain customers’ trust. Taking great initiatives in order to fulfill the customers’ demands arose due to changing trends has become a necessity.

In recent years, many airlines have increased cancellation and rescheduling charges that somewhere caused distress among customers. However, there are several airlines that offer free cancellations adhered to purchased air ticket features. The trend shows flyers expect easy cancellations and rescheduling along with the quick refund process.