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Tuesday, 10 January, 2017, 16 : 00 PM [IST]
‘Tanzania offers some of the best wildlife safari experiences in the world’

Q. Please elaborate on the Tanzania’s tourism offerings and its place in the global tourism industry.
A. Tanzania’s tourism offering is one of the best in the African continent. Its wildlife resources are considered among the finest in the world. Home to more than 20% of the African continent’s larger mammals, Tanzania is indeed the best destination for game viewing experiences in Africa and that is why it was named as ‘The Best Safari Country for two consecutive years (2014 and 2015) by (The Netherlands).

Having 16 National Parks, 31 Game Resources, 44 Game controlled Areas; 4 Ramsar Sites and 33 Wildlife Management Areas, Tanzania’s wildlife resources compare to none in the region. Some of its leading wildlife icons are among the supreme wildlife areas in the world that include The Great Serengeti Park where the world spectacular wildlife migration takes place. The Ngorongoro crater, also known as the Eden of Africa and the 8th Wonder of the world; Lake Manyara famous for its tree-climbing lions; Selous, the largest Game Reserve in Africa, to mention a few.

As a tourist destination, Tanzania not only offers some of the best wildlife safari experience in the world, but also has some of Africa’s class tourism assets that compare cultural, historical, archaeological and beach offerings; Tanzania has 3 marine parks;16 famous historical sites, out of which 7 are World Heritage Sites; Mt. Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa, which is also the highest single standing mountain in the world; more that 125 tribes, all with different tribal languages and cultures, but united by one language Kiswahili. Tanzania is home to some of the world’s second largest and deepest lakes in the world (Lake Victoria and Lake Tanganyika).

This makes it evident that there is no other place on earth which offers a tourism product so rich and diverse than Tanzania.

Q. What are the activities you recommend for tourists?
A. There are hundreds of activities which tourists coming to Tanzania can do from wildlife safaris, balloon safaris; bird watching; hunting; water sports; and relaxing on its pristine white sandy unpolluted beaches, Tanzania offers tourists the opportunity to do paragliding on some of its mountain, walking safaris in the wilderness, health treatments, horse and camel riding, cultural and historical visits to mention a few. To sum it up, Tanzania has something for everyone. Be it the independent adventure-seekers; nature lovers, people who want a bit of sun, sea and sand, honeymooners, families and couples who want to experience the environment and bring a change to the economy of the local communities.

Q. What are the top source markets for Tanzania and where does India rank?
A.According to the 2015 Tourism Statistical Bulletin, the top 10 source markets are the USA, the UK, Italy, Germany, France, India, the Netherlands, Canada, Australia, and Sweden. International visitors from India have increased from 17,002 in (2009) to 32,608 in (2015).

Q. Zanzibar already has a Tourism Promotion Centre in India. Is Tanzania Tourist Board also looking to establish itself in the Indian market?
A. At present, TTB does not have a representation office in India. However, ZCT/ZTPC and TTB work in collaboration promoting Destination Tanzania. We may not have presence in India, but we strongly believe that Tanzania mainland is being promoted through the centre in India as is done by TTB’s representative’s in other source markets.

Q. At present how is the TTB engaging with Indian travel trade fraternity to promote Tanzania in India?
A. We are expecting to participate in the forthcoming OTM, Mumbai in 2017. We believe that through this travel show we will be able to reach out to the Indian travel trade. We also plan in future to hold road shows in major tourist cities in India. We also work closely with international Airlines such as Ethiopian Airlines, Qatar Airways, and Emirates all which have large networks in India.

Q. Is the TTB also looking at creating more awareness along with the Zanzibar Tourism Promotion Centre?
A.TTB shall discuss with ZCT & ZTPC to see how best it can enhance its presence in India through the use of the Tourism Centre.

Q. Do you think lack of direct air connectivity between India and Tanzania is a disadvantage?
A. There are a number of international airlines which fly from India to Tanzania these include Ethiopian Airlines, Emirates, Kenya Airways, Qatar Airways, to mention a few. I don’t see accessibility to Tanzania as an issue given that these airlines fly from the major cities in India. The national carrier of Tanzania (ATCL) has recently resumed its services; there are plans for ATCL to fly to some of our major tourists’ source market. India being one of our top 10 markets has great potential to be one of ATCL international destination.