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Monday, 20 November, 2017, 11 : 04 AM [IST]
Step in the Right Direction

Good things are happening in the tourism arena in India! The Government of India through its recently concluded 20-day celebration ‘Paryatan Parv’ as tried to disseminate information on the benefits of tourism to the society and the country at large. Apart from this, the Union government has reinforced the principle of “Tourism for All” by showcasing the cultural diversity that this nation is known the world over. To be more candid, through this event the authority in power has also tried to encourage domestic tourism, which is a very pragmatic step. This is because the domestic travel segment has emerged as the backbone of the Indian tourism economy, and this stands true for most of the large nations today.

However, during a function of Paryatan Parv (a celebration that propagated the ideology of ‘Tourism for All’), the news of a Swiss couple being attacked in Agra came at the most inopportune moment and was completely against the concept and idea behind this celebration by the Ministry. What is praiseworthy, is the prompt action that this incident evoked. The Tourism Minister himself and the Central government machinery went on overdrive to bring the culprits to book and offer the best of medical aid to the victims of the attack.

While there are sporadic incidences of violence against tourists and foreign nationals that happen all across the globe, even in the most prominent tourism destinations, India is no exception. What is heartening though, is to see the Tourism Ministry in India is finally taking the required steps to sensitise the local population towards tourism, and the importance of treating visitors, whether domestic or international, with the respect and attention that they deserve. This is definitely a step in the right direction in creating a hospitable environment for visitors to this country and ensure that India is viewed as a safe tourist destination with good experiences.

P Krishna Kumar
Bureau Chief, New Delhi