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Tuesday, 24 October, 2017, 10 : 43 AM [IST]
Changing the Game

disha Ten years is a long time in the history of any industry, and more so in case of travel. As far as this industry in India is concerned, the last decade arguably has been among the most eventful, tumultuous and progressive, but not without its costs. The industry attained its present state through a series of developments, remarkable initiatives and sustained actions. And key people have shaped the evolution of this industry in varying degrees and changed the dynamics in diverse areas.

In Volume II of this 10th anniversary issue, we have reflected on the decade gone by, and focused on the success stories that have given the industry its new avatar. This exercise led us to narrow down and bring together the 19 stakeholders who count among the best minds in the tourism business today through their first mover roles and razor sharp focus to drive this industry towards innovation. There is not even an iota of doubt that they are experts in their respective fields, and above all have emerged as game changers by facing all the odds and standing the test of time. Their contribution to travel, tourism, aviation, hospitality and allied sectors have opened up a sea of opportunities not only for their contemporaries, but also for the next generation. Either by oversight or by design we may have left out a few people who would qualify as game changers, and for that we would like to clarify that this list is inclusive, but not exhaustive.

The one thing that is common among all the people who make our game changers list is their undying spirit towards the cause of Indian tourism and business entrepreneurship. We will take you on a ride of their path-breaking initiatives, which I am sure would be an interesting read to gain perspective on their work and overall career, and how the industry across the board has benefitted through their foresight. Along the way, I am sure it will also become clear how this industry has changed and what role each of these game changers have played in truly changing the game.

Disha Shah Ghosh
Chief Sub-Editor