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Friday, 13 July, 2018, 15 : 46 PM [IST]

Travelxp to target 200 million homes worldwide by 2021

With the aim to become the world’s biggest travel influencer, Travelxp is targeting 200 million homes worldwide by 2021 from the current 100 million homes.

Travelxp, an Indian high definition travel channel, known for its travel content prominently in Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, Czech and Slovenia, aims to leave a mark on the world with first-rate one-of-a-kind documentaries that will resonate with travellers all around the globe.

Prashant Chothani, CEO, Travelxp, said, “We are available in different parts of the world in different languages. Recently, we have shifted from HD (High Definition) to 4K resolution, and are the first one in the world to adopt 4K. We are investing in technology and in the next couple of years we would be the major global players in terms of 4K travel content.”

He also explained that a lot of research goes into producing content. The company looks at why people feel the need to travel and then proceeds from there. The company has a research team that first decides on the subject then it ideates on how they want to present the show and the USP of it.

While talking about the current challenges, Chothani said, “Our main challenge is to produce the content. We produce our own content; we never syndicate the content from any other international source. We are a 100% locally produced channel and a local production company with the global footprint. The content we produce empowers our mission to help travel enthusiasts get a taste of the best of travel and lifestyle opportunities and destinations through Travelxp, with the hope that it will encourage them to step out and explore our beautiful world in person.

We shall continue to launch Travelxp in more and more countries worldwide.”

Travelxp has created over 1,000 hours of content out of which 300-400 hours are dedicated to India. He also stressed the fact that travel is not just for a high-affinity audience since all age groups want to travel.

For the kids demographic, the advantage of showing travel content is that it creates an aspiration in them. It gives them something to aspire to do and see. They learn geography in school and so Travelxp offers an educational value.

He added that for the 51+ years demographic, travel content gives them the chance to plan for trips that they have not done so far.

Travelxp is a male-skewed channel with 55% viewership coming from this segment. The age group 31-50 consumes this content the most at 35% and this age group is the most affluent and aspirational as they start to make a lot of money. First, they get a vehicle and then they look to travel. The 51+ age group comprises 28.4% of the viewers on the channel.

Travelxp focuses on six categories i.e. destinations, food, nature, culture, heritage and lifestyle. The aim is to treat them in a unique manner. For instance, taking food shows as the example, the channel does not rely on famous chefs or on making food in a studio. It rather visits local places to find out where one can get the best of local food and who makes it.

Across various countries, Travelxp currently is available in the local languages like English, German, Czech, Slovenian, Serbian, Croatian and Bulgarian, and plans are to add many more to the list.

In India, Travelxp is available in Hindi, Tamil and Bengali with several more Indian languages to be added in the near future.
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