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Thursday, 18 April, 2019, 10 : 37 AM [IST]

'RSTT organises trips for visually impaired people, we are the first one to offer this unique itinerary'

The plan is to strengthen digital presence of the firm and introduce a franchise model in order to uplift the small travel agencies said Amit Jain, Founder, Rising Star Tours and Travels in an interaction with TravelBiz Monitor.
1. With a history of almost 24 years, what is your vision 2020 for Rising Star Tours & Travels?
Currently having an offline model, Rising Star Tours & Travels (RSTT) aims to go omnichannel in the next couple of years making it easier for customers to avail our services anytime from anywhere. Being a successful player for 21 years in tour and travel industry, the plan is to strengthen digital presence of the firm and introduce a franchise model in order to uplift the small travel agencies. Moreover, it’s our principal objective to make the brand a common household name.

2. What inspired you to create a platform for bespoke experiences of tours and travels?
My father served Air India all his life, and growing up in such environment I have seen people complaining about their travel woes. Since I closely observed the travellers and their preferences, I realised that their experiences can be made pleasant and enjoyable by doing simple things. So, that is how the idea of Rising Star Tours and Travels came to me— organise trips for people where they choose and customise the trip depending upon their needs and requirements. Since inception, RSTT has been working with a customer-centric approach to deliver travellers a rich experience.

3. How was the idea of Rising Star Tours & Travels executed? What are the limitations that you faced while establishing the brand?
The company was set up after a lot of deliberations regarding the business module and the mode of operations. It all had to start from scratch as we had no previous experience in this field. All along the journey we learned from our steps and that helped us in improving the brand. Biggest limitation was to fight the mindset of customer which were money-centric and had nothing to do with the joy of travelling. Most of the customers that we faced initially were concerned about the money that they had to spend and they hardly considered quality. We, however, were clear from the start that we have to focus on delivering the best of services even at the prices that customer was asking for. We never compromised on services part and this reflects in the growth of our company over the years.

4. What is the business model that was developed for Rising Star Tours & Travels?
RSTT is built on B2C model with free independent travellerss (FIT) as the main target audience because they are the people who frequently travel in small groups. Interestingly, we get 95% of our business from them because their needs and requirements are very specific, which makes it even easier to provide them with the best options suiting their demands.

5.Apart from the conventional destinations for travellers which are the other unique itineraries that Rising Star Tours & Travels plans to offer this year?
We organise frequent trips for visually impaired people to various tourist destinations in India and we are the first one to offer this unique itinerary. For this year, we would like to take them to more exotic places that they have not travelled before. Till date, we have organised 3 blind trips and we are planning to increase the number this year. Travel Kitty is another unique offering that is popular among our customers. In this, an individual pays 15 monthly installments and a lucky winner is chosen monthly. The winner is free from further payments and gets a free trip. This way, a winner pays less amount and other members pay monthly installments, which in turn makes it a win- win situation for all. Also, we have recently added a chain of new destinations like Japan, Croatia, and Azerbaijan.

6. Which is the new segment Rising Star Tours & Travels formulating to expand the business?
We are in the process of designing special travel packages for solo travellers—all women and men can travel on their own, taking responsibilities for themselves and celebrating their freedom. Though we do offer solo travel trips for women, we are planning to diversify the tourist destination products opening up the world for them so that it empowers them and encourage them to travel more with confidence. The second segment will be focusing on is differentlyabled people; helping them travel (visually impaired and senior citizen) gives immense happiness and inner satisfaction to us.

7. Understanding the ever-changing travel trends and the intersection of the digital age, how does Rising Star Tours & Travels plan to co-exist?
We are fully prepared to cope up with these dynamic changes in the tour and travel market. And, it’s our commitment that we will be available on the online portal 24*7 to help customers with their doubts and queries. We have ensured that our clients will be able to access all our services with just a click.

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