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Thursday, 09 March, 2017, 15 : 46 PM [IST]

‘India ranks among the best 20 countries for Ngorongoro Conservation Area’

The Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority has witnessed a steady flow of visitors from India in the past few years. Asantael Melita, Principal Officer - Tourism Development, Manager - Research Development and Ecological Monitoring Ngorongoro Conservation Area, in an interaction with TravelBiz Monitor throws light on the Ngorongoro Crater and their promotional activities for the global market.
Q.Tell us something about the Ngorongoro Crater and its place in world tourism?
A. Ngorongoro Crater is a caldera within the Ngorongoro Conservation Area (NCA), with an area of about 250sq km. The crater area was formed into a hole that as a result of the volcano faults where a highest point of the world was 200 million years ago, and a wall rises to 610 mts from the floor. The Crater hosts all the big five species and others including resident Wildebeests, Zebras and a big number of carnivores.

It is the only place where tourists visit throughout a year; however, they visit in seasons. The high season starts from mid-June and break a bit in September and October, before it picks up again in mid-November and the high season starts in December and goes up to March each year. The low season starts from April to June and that is during the heavy rains, but still visitors can access the crater floor. The crater hosts about 80% of tourists in the Ngorongoro Crater every year. For, 2015 the Ngorongoro received about 594,000 tourists.

Generally, the majority revenue of the Ngorongoro Authority is by the crater visits than any other sites. Ngorongoro Crater is worldwide known as the 6th Crater of the World and together with the Empakaai Crater (8 sq km) and Olmot Crater (3.8 sq km) schedules the Ngorongoro as the eight wonders of the World.

The other craters of the world are are the Kucharo Japan (616 sq km), Aira Japan (552 sq km), Aso Japan (425 sq km), Taal Philippines (384 sq km), Shikotsu Japan (356 sq km), Idjen Indonesia (256 sq km) and Bolsera Italy (232 sq km).

Q. What are the tourist activities in Ngorongoro?
A. The Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority has scheduled some activities in the tariffs that the tourists can be serviced by the agent/operators. These activities one can perform while in the NCA and they are Game Viewing, Hikking/Walking Safaris, Camping, Hot Meals serviced by the Tourists Hotels within the Ngorongoro, Cultural boma visits, Filming/ Photographic, Visits Archaeological and Paleontological areas of Oldupai and Laetole and visits the Villages within the NCA.

Q. What is the top source market for Ngorongoro Crater and where does India rank?
A. The top source market of the Ngorongoro is America, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Australia, Scandinavian Countries, Spain, Canada and Belgium. India is among the best 20 countries visiting the NCA.

Q. How is the Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority helping to promote tourism in Tanzania?
A. Tourism marketing is one of the NCAA activity that was given by the government as the main functions of the area since 1959. Marketing the attractions, the NCAA participates into the organised trade fairs in the world, some scheduled by Tanzania Tourist Board and some arranged by the NCAA itself or together with TANAPA. Normally, when we are in the International trade fairs the NCAA stands for TTB and promote the Country at large. However, the main concentration is on the Ngorongoro attractions.

Q. In what ways Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority making efforts to promote its offerings as a popular tourist destination in India and among Indians?
A. The Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority is well aware that among the 20 countries that have a great impact on the visitations in the area is India. The effort that the NCAA is doing to promote the destination in India is scheduling the participation of the India International Trade fair every year. However, it was difficult for NCAA to schedule for the India International Trade fair in 2015/16 and 2016/2017 budget because of the financial constraints. Regardless of that, the visitor flow from India to NCA has never gone down.

Q. Is Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority looking at creating more awareness among Indian travel agents?
A. The Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority wants to meet most of the tourists at their home and their countries. It has planned to prepare all promotional materials in 10 International Languages in phase 1 in her budget 2016/17.

The phase 2 will be the other 10 and that will be in the 2017/18 budget. If we capture all the 20 leading countries where we can reach many people. We believe that other countries of the world can be accessed by using those 20 nations. We hope to take help from Tanzanians who are of Indian origin or the ones who are engaged in tourism activities, to bring onboard Indian language speaking guides. Most of the hotels have an Indian staff and we hope we can meet the India promotion marketing target. At the moment, there are no specific programmes for training guides in Indian languages.

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