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Monday, 02 April, 2018, 11 : 53 AM [IST]

The Solutions Man - Gaurav Chiripal, Founder, Quadlabs Technology Pvt Ltd

Anurag Tiwari

Gaurav Chiripal facing the high and lows over two decades, has established a name as the man to connect with for end to end solutions in travel technology enterprises. From baby steps to entering the global arena, Chiripal worked towards creating one of the best system architecture which assisted travel agents across various verticals irrespective of shape and size. A person witness to technological adoption across the industry, business automation and radical shift across the travel industry in these two decades, Chiripal attained maturity in his business by creating solutions which developed long-lasting and growth stimulating relationships. TravelBiz Monitor recognises Gaurav Chiripal for his unabated efforts in strengthening the pillars of technological adoption across the industry.

If one goes through the LinkedIn profile of Gaurav Chiripal, his bio reads ‘a travel technology expert, a visionary, an incubator, an entrepreneur and of course an achiever.” One’s ‘about’ doesn’t ordinarily says all these unless he has engineered those qualities. Within a long yet short career span of 20 years, Chiripal, involved with multiple companies excelled the standards of being the man of distributing solutions to the problems not many had mastered. It was in 1997 when he started to work with his father in his travel company and helped him manage the groups travelling abroad.

After working with his father for two years, in 1999, Chiripal along with a friend, built one of the first online travel companies in India, but couldn’t execute it due to lack of funds. Nevertheless, this obstacle was soon tackled by him by converting the travel company to a technology company. Through Final Quadrant Solutions, they started selling the technology which was created for them. Within a short span of two years, Gaurav understood the fundamentals of the global market and there was no turning back from there.

According to Chiripal, “It has been a long journey. Having been involved with more In 2000, Final Quadrant started working for, one of the biggest OTAs in Europe with offices in about 13 countries. The company took up the challenge to bring all their businesses on a single midoffice platform, replacing almost over 20 different technologies in this process. The experience of building a strong system in the middle and then bringing different teams in different countries with completely different mindsets together was a biggest achievement at that time for Chiripal.

Final Quadrant Solutions went on to work with some the largest companies across the globe providing them automated business solutions. It went on to capture the European travel industry which was going through a transformational shift then.

Having dynamic plans in mind, Chiripal successfully exited Final Quadrant in 2006 and went on to form Quadlabs, a company which was to create end to end solutions for travel intermediaries across verticals, irrespective of their shape and sizes. QuadLabs was seeded with an idea to create systems which would help any small startup and help them grow without a need of big investments.

“We didn’t know that we were building something revolutionary for the future,” stated Chiripal.

During these years, Quadlabs worked with multiple travel intermediaries in India and abroad and changed the way they work. Chiripal’s dynamic team created some of the best middleware systems to help the partners manage their business on a single platform, bring collaboration in their operations and then scale up without much need of human resource and money.

As a small independent Indian company without any external funding, Quadlabs took baby steps and paved its way into a much larger global arena. The company created one of the best system architecture which helped up to create different solutions out of the same base product.

Chiripal expressed that Quadlabs worked with travel agents of all shapes and sizes and targeted multiple verticals like OTAs, Consolidators, Tour Operators and TMCs. “We created long-lasting customers and partners who helped up to build strong relationships in the industry.”

Life tests all. Like any other human being, Chiripal has gone past his share of difficult phase in life and to no one’s surprise, has stood strong and tall. In 1999-2000, the world saw the dot-com burst, a period of rapid technological advancement in many areas, but it was the commercialisation of the Internet that led to the greatest expansion of capital growth the country had ever seen. Chiripal, due to lack of funds, couldn’t establish his online travel company during this time frame but as mentioned above, he drifted his ideology towards delivering something which today is need of the hour to sustain.

Back in 2008, the global market went through a total meltdown. This affected Chiripal too. He started a B2B market place for travel agents and suppliers,, but couldn’t succeed and had to shut it in a year as according to him, the market was not ready to understand the concept. “I think the lowest point was during the 2008 crises when I had to let go half of my team and the other half went on for a 25% salary cut. We had no new customer for almost 10 months. I think during all these times, we came out stronger as a company. These experiences taught us the art of doing business that any other management lessons could not.”

Chiripal expresses his gratitude to his family and friends who have always stood by him during all these years and it was their confidence that helped him take up every challenge and move ahead with a positive thinking.

When asked about his go to man in the industry, Chiripal said, “It’s been a pleasure to work with so many founders of different companies that I have worked with. Though it’s said that “when you can’t look up to anyone, follow your own self!”

Chiripal always focused on building the businesses with strong fundamentals. Always focusing on customers and employees and anything that helps them to grow. “To sustain any business a longevity of your product is very important. If you can provide a working solution on which your customer can build their own business, you will always succeed. The mantra is to be with the customer when they need you, even if you are not earning too much in the short term. The relationship that you build will help you to succeed in long term for sure.”

Witnessing transformations across various verticals over past two decades, Chiripal is still determined to face the challenges ahead as he feels that what the world saw during these years is just the beginning of something much bigger for future. “It is very important for everyone to remain relevant if they need to survive in the market. Now when I stand and look back to all these years, I feel that there is a lot to be done.”
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